Pulsatilla vulgaris var. rubra
look at the detail, see the beauty

Plants up close and in detail

Plants in Particular is all about looking at plants up close and in detail. A plant might look fabulous in the garden but what happens when you take a closer look? There’s so much more to see – you’ll be amazed.

You’ll find lots of in-depth articles on particular plants – fascinating, interesting, and, perhaps, surprising. Take a look.

It’s amazing what you can see

Why is detail so important?

Knowing more about a plant makes it easier, more interesting, and more enjoyable to grow.
A name, family, structure, and native habitat all give an idea of where a plant fits in the plant world and, therefore, how you might grow it.

See why I think finding the detail is vital – and fun!

Arctotis venusta showing fine detail
Quercus shumardii at Cambridge University Botanic Garden
take a tour

Gardens have detail too

Visiting gardens gives us the opportunity to see fabulous spaces that people have created full of beautiful plants. Parks with huge trees, tiny back gardens overflowing with colour, alpines grown on a rock garden, a greenhouse full of tropical exotics, or a country garden with billowing herbaceous borders – the list is endless.

Take the time to look and you’ll see the detail that makes each garden unique and special.

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